As the largest tropical archipelago located in the heart of Asia, Indonesia is the home to various industries as many resources flourish well in our land. Find the business sector that interests you the most and take one step closer to grow your business in Indonesia.

The Government invites foreign companies to take advantage of investment opportunities in infrastructure. Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) continue to be supported to accelerate infrastructure development in areas such as: transport, power generation, water supply and water management. Read more about railway or airport.
  1. Public Private Partnership Projects (PPP Projects)
  2. Non-Government Budget Equity Financing (PINA Projects)

Industry and Manufacturing are two of the pillars of the Indonesian economy. The sector grouping contributes 24% to GDP and it grew by 6.7% in 2013. The main opportunities for foreign investors are in: food and beverages, automotive and heavy industry, chemicals and basic metal products.
  1. Mempawah Smelter Grade Alumina Refinery
  2. Pomalaa Ferronickel Plant Project  
  3. Haltim Ferronickel Plant Development Project 
  4. Project Cement Plant ‘Semen Pidie’ 
  5. Project Cement Plant ‘Semen Kupang 3’

If there’s one country that offers the ideal balance between booming food and beverages demand and an abundance of agricultural and natural resources – it has to be Indonesia.
South-East Asia’s largest country (and the world’s fourth most populous) has long been a global leader in exports of some of agricultural commodities such as palm oil, rubber, cocoa and coffee, as well as livestock.
With a rapidly-growing and increasingly discerning middle class eager for new and innovative food products, spurred on with increased consumer confidence, Indonesia presents international investors with a vast array of opportunities across the F&B supply chain.
  1. Banten Agriculture
  2. Bone-Camming Sugar Industry
  3. Comal Sugar Industry 
  4. Situbondo Sugar Industry
  5. Mojokerto Sugar Industry

The maritime sector provides vital support to coastal economic development, creating employment in fish catching and in onshore processing, as well several thousand indirect jobs. Indonesia lands approximately 106,000 tonnes of pole and line caught tuna a year, though it is estimated that only 10-20% reaches market labelled as pole and line caught. Hence it has been one of the least regulated sub-sectors.
  1. Kuala Tanjung Industrial Gateway
  2. New Deep Port Development, Tanjung Carat 
  3. New Port Development in Kijing
When it comes to an abundance of natural resources, high level of biodiversity, friendly, pluralistic culture, democratic society, ethnically diverse, and most notably the world’s largest and greenest archipelago – this sums up Indonesia as an idyllic tourism getaway. The country’s 17,508 islands with a land mass spanning 1,919,440 km2 between the Indian and the Pacific Oceans*, offer various untapped tourism destinations and investment opportunities, including infrastructure, utilities, transportation, hotels and restaurants as well as other leisure and entertainment facilities and retail services. With strong government support, rising domestic disposable income, an increasing number of hotels and airport developments, and topped with expanding air transport networks and regional low costs carriers, the Indonesian tourism industry offers an abundance of opportunities.
List of Projects
Ten Priority Tourism Destinations in Indonesia “Creating the new Bali” :
  1. Borobudur
  2. Mount Bromo
  3. Lake Toba
  4. Labuan Bajo
  5. Mandalika
  6. Morotai
  7. Tanjung Kelayang
  8. Tanjung Lesung
  9. Thousand Island
  10. Wakatobi
  1. Anambas
  2. Bandung
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Special Zones includes the”Special Economic Zones (SEZ)” in Indonesia. Lists of SEZs as of April 2018 are as follows:
  • Industrial SEZs
  1. Arun Lhokseumawe
  2. Bitung 
  3. Galang
  4. MBTK 
  5. Palu
  6. Sei Mangkei
  7. Sorong
  • Tourism SEZs
  1. Mandalika
  2. Morotai
  3. Tanjung Lesung
  4. Tanjung Kelayang
  • Industrial Zones
  1. Artha Indutrial Hill


A business opportunities for investors based on locations. 

Investment Value

Business opportunities in Indonesia based on the value of investment.  

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  1. Anambas
  2. Bandung
  3. Bangka
  4. Banyuwangi
  5. Bengkulu
  6. Blitar
  7. Blora
  8. Bogor
  9. Bonoi Tidal River Bore
  10. Bugam Raya
  11. Bulukumba
  12. Cianjur
  13. Donggala
  14. Garut
  15. Gresik
  16. Gunung Kidul
  17. Gunung Sitoli
  18. Jambi
  19. Kerinci
  20. Kulon Progo
  21. Magelang
  22. Malang
  23. Medana
  24. Merangin
  25. Mojokerto
  26. Muara Enim
  27. Nias Utara
  28. Pagar Alam
  29. Palembang
  30. Palu
  31. Pangandaran
  32. Pasuruan
  33. Pekanbaru
  34. Pesisir Selatan
  35. Pontianak
  36. Rembang
  37. Rote Island
  38. Rupat Island
  39. Sabang Weh Island
  40. Samosir
  41. Sanggau
  42. Saumlaki
  43. Selayar Island
  44. Selayar
  45. Semarang
  46. Serang
  47. Singkawang
  48. Sleman
  49. Sukabumi
  50. Sumenep
  51. Sungai Penuh
  52. Tasikmalaya
  53. Toba Samosir
  54. Trenggalek
  55. Wakatobi
  56. Wonogiri
  1. Wakatobi
  2. Tanjung Lesung
  3. Morotai
  4. Mandalika
  5. Labuan Bajo
  6. Kepulauan Seribu dan Kota Tua
  7. Bromo
  8. Borobudur
  9. Lake Toba
  10. Tanjung Kelayang