Step by Step New Investment or Expansion

How to Invest

Find out how to invest in Indonesia and learn more about applicable government regulations and policies

Step-by-step New Investment or Expansion

Step #1

Deed of Establishment of the Indonesian-based Company (PT. PMA):

  • At least 2 shareholders are required (A Director and A Commissioner);
  • The Director needs to reside in Indonesia;
  • Minimum capital investment value is IDR 10 billion in each business field. 

Step #2

  • To help you identify which business fields which are open to foreign investment with some limitations, open to foreign investment with a compulsory partnership with Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) or completely closed off to foreign investments;
  • Foreign investors can own 100% ownership without conditions for business fields which are not on the list;
  • Foreign investment must be in the form of a legal entity domiciled in Indonesia.

Step #3

Registering OSS account
Who can register? A new and existing  business entity (FDI) and representative office.

Step #4

Single Business Number

  • Log in into OSS using user ID;
  • Fill in data to obtain a Single Business Number (Nomor Induk Berusaha, NIB);

When the company completed all data, it will receive NIB, which can also be used as:

  • Certificate of company registration (Tanda Daftar Perusahaan, TDP);
  • Importer Identification Number (Angka Pengenal Impor, API)
  • Customs Access (Akses Kepabeanan).

The company will receive Business License and able to start the business

Step #5

Business License

  • Business License is issued with the commitment statements for Location Permit, Environmental Permit and Building Construction Permit;
  • The progress of those permits will be monitored by BKPM every 3 months;
  • The company will receive notification from the OSS if all commitments completed, including payment of invoices (if required).
  • How to Register New Investment or Expansion

    Concerning the issuance of Government Regulation (GR) No. 24 of 2018 on Electronic Single Submission System (Online Single Submission/OSS), we herewith inform that all registration for new investment and business expansion is now done through One Stop Service Center website to serve investors who need information, assistance, and consultation.

    How to use the OSS System