The Government invites foreign companies to take advantage of investment opportunities in infrastructure. Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) continue to be supported to accelerate infrastructure development in areas such as: transport, power generation, water supply and water management. Read more about railway or airport.

List of Project:

  1. Public Private Partnership Projects (PPP Projects)
  2. Non-Government Budget Equity Financing (PINA Projects)
  3. Medan, Binjai and Deli Serdang Light Rail Transit
  4. Cibubur – Bogor Light Rail Transit
  5. Jakarta Light Rail Transit
  6. Semarang Light Rail Transit
  7. Medan, Binjai and Deli Serdang Bus Rapid Transit
  8. Bandar Lampung Water Supply
  9. Development of Kabil Port (Tanjung Sauh Terminal)
  10. Development of Kuala Tanjung International Hub Port
  11. Development of Bitung International Hub Port
  12. Development of Makassar New Port
  13. Development of New Priok Port
  14. Development of Patimbanport
  15. Development of Singkawang Airport
  16. Development of Baubau Port
  17. Batam Island Railways
  18. Urban Railway City of Medan
  19. Sukabumi Ciranjang Toll Road
  20. The 2nd Jakarta – Cikampek Toll Road
  21. Tanjung Priok Access Toll Road
  22. Yogyakarta – Solo Toll Road
  23. Yogyakarta – Bawen Toll Road
  24. Pondok Gede Water Supply
  25. Pekanbaru Water Supply
  26. Government Multi Function Satellite
  27. Sindang Heula Water Treatment Plant
  28. Bandung Street Lighting, West Java
  29. Surakarta Street Lighting, Central Java
  30. Jakarta Intermediate Treatment Facility
  31. Final Waste Disposal Site (TPPAS) Legok Nangka, West Java
  32. Sarbagita Waste Treatment, Bali
  33. Medan-Berastagi Fly Over, North Sumatra
  34. Deli Serdang Integrated Waste Management Site, North Sumatra
  35. Medan Berastagi Tongging Toll Road, North Sumatra
  36. Medan – Bahorok – Tangkahan Toll Road, North Sumatra
  37. Bah Bolon Dam, North Sumatra
  38. Anggrek Gorontalo Port
  39. Relocation of Salemba Correctional Facility
  40. Nusakambangan Industrial Correctional Facility
  41. Lahat – Tarahan Railway
  42. Cibungur – Tanjungrasa Shortcut Railway
  43. Motor Vehicle Weighing Implementation Unit (UPPKB)
  44. Bintuni Industrial Zone
  45. E-land Registration System (Bpn)
  46. Badung South Ringroad
  47. Tangerang Selatan Waste to Energy
  48. Jatibarang Waste to Energy
  49. Riau Non-Toll Road Preservation
  50. Proving Ground BPLJSKB
  51. Kamijoro Regional Water Supply System
  52. Integrated Hazardous & Specific Waste Management Facility in Sumapapua Region
  53. Merangin Dam, Jambi
  54. Badung Utility Ducting, Bali
  55. LIPI National Marine Research Area, West Java
  56. Jatigede Regional Water Supply, West Java